Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Projects

It's almost December and I have a large stack of projects to finish. I don't have pictures yet but thought I'd at least get the list posted.

Biscotti Weekend Project
This year I gave D a list of options for projects we could do. Not specific items but rather a list of people we could make something for (his parents, his cousins, etc). He decided that he'd like to make either a stool or a small cabinet with just one door. After digging through my stash of patterns I decided we would make a two step stool. The design is fairly simple so I can get the parts ready before December 5th, when I head to New Jersey for the assembly.

I go the parts rough cut last week. I'll do the necessary glue up this weekend, and will complete the machining next Thursday just in time to load the parts into the car.

Hiker Boy's Advent Calendar
This project is well on it's way, finally, but will not make it for this year. I'd be okay if I didn't have to work next week, and had all the tools I need to use here at home. Since I don't it'll be late. I do have a substitute (24 little boxes, labeled and filled) so HB will have an advent calendar for this year.

This is way behind schedule. I have a clear idea of design but nothing on paper yet. Looks like this may be a year with a very small edition.

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